Life Chain of Support

          When you become an adult being strong and carrying the load is something that you become accustomed to. There are times when you struggle, like a salmon that swims upstream. You feel like your life is going nowhere and you’re exhausting yourself. It reminds me of a lesson that I was taught during military training.           

During physical training all recruits had to sit next to one another and interlock arms. There was a person to my left, and a person to my right. I looked down the line and saw each person connected to one another. We were then ordered to begin performing sit-ups. At first it seemed like we were all okay performing the sit-ups without assistance. But after a few minutes, those whose core strength was a little weaker begin to have trouble keeping up. I looked down the line and it looked like a snake to me. The stronger recruits worked harder to pull the weaker recruits up to the seated position. Because of their strength it made it easier for the weaker recruits to make each sit-up. No one gave up, in fact, it was the opposite. There were shouts of encouragement and a tightening of the links.            This happens in in your personal life (work life, business life.) We all create our own chain of support. The problem we find is that not everyone we surround ourselves with will tighten their grip or shout out words of encouragement. In these moments look at who actually supports you. There may only be 1 or 2. But that’s okay, because strength always takes turns. It’s better to have trust in a few than perceived trust in many. And after you look at those who actually have your success in their hearts and yours in theirs you find that you’re not alone. How exciting! Guess what? You’re not alone! What a great time to start building your chain of support, and those that you can support in return. What an exciting adventure!

If you need help setting those boundaries and clearing up your own clutter, please feel free to reach out and do a  90-min session:

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