2018 Resolutions…Visions…Goals…Intention….Repeat Record!

New year can be a rough time for some of us, the holiday’s are over and we all are looking for some form of normalcy but we fall into pits of depression.
For me it also lends another challenge as my birthday happens to be January 2nd.
So to get myself over this hump I look for opportunities to make some major changes for each year and find a way to track them.  My previous life would have called these new years resolutions, the business coach in me calls them SMART Goals but the new me calls these a vision for the year.  Here are some tips to help you get over you post holiday blues and do something with your life, at least in the short term.

  1. Write down things you would like to accomplish.
    Yes some of these things can be the typical i.e. loose weight, save money, eat better, buy a house or my personal favorite life balance.  Nothing wrong with those, we should every year look for ways to better out health and change some habits but the pitfall for some is they set those intentions but never plan for how they are going to achieve them…soooo
  2. Write down what is keeping you from accomplishing the above items.
    I’m sure in the past you have written down “lose weight” but what happened before that you didn’t reach your goal?  When we see the reason behind not reaching the target we can then plan for the “what to do when”
  3. How do you plan to make this happen.
    It’s all well and good to say you want to take a trip to Italy, but what are the small steps you need to get to Italy i.e. create a budget, talk to a travel agent, book trip, buy clothes, learn to speak Italian…all those little bit size steps need to be written down and a date set to accomplish them in order for the actual trip to happen
  4. Who is going to hold you accountable?
    When life seems to be out of balance you need to reach out to someone who can help you, either a mentor or coach.  Please try not to have a loved one, family member or the worst one your spouse/partner be your accountability partner.  Mentors are easy to come by when they are a senior or manager in your company or find someone within your community who is not personally connected to you, who may have been there done that and seems to have their stuff together.  Have a conversation and let them know you have some goals to accomplish but you need someone to hold you accountable to those goals and would they be willing to meet with you monthly or quarterly to help keep you on track.
  5. Reward yourself when you complete a goal!
    This is the fun part and it doesn’t always have to cost you money…what would help drive you to complete your vision, get creative…this is the fun part!

If you find yourself just even struggling to write any goal down then it’s time to seek some professional help.  We all need it from time to time, after all we have doctors to help us when we physically don’t feel good, we have pastors and/or priests to help us when we are spiritually sick  and sometimes we need to see a psychiatrist to help our mental help.  There is no shame in getting with the right professional to help us navigate through life.
Looking forward to working through our year together…Happy New Year!

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