Soren’s Reflections on Bully’s

I don’t normally like to express much about my personal experiences on FB. I’m usually not one to share, however I’ve seen so much lately about bullies. So I felt compelled to write this. I don’t like bullies, I never have.

The reason I don’t tolerate bullies of any kind is because from preschool through high school I was bullied. In addition to name calling, I was physically attacked every school day. So much so that my entire elementary school years I literally ran to and from school. It was a mile and a half each way. I ran because if I rode the bus the kids hit me in the back of the head, punched me and kicked me. So I decided to run.

In one instance I ran to a substitute teacher crying and begging him to help me. Asking him to save me from the four children that were physically attacking me. As I wrapped my arms around his waist begging to be protected. These kids laughed and said it was just my birthday and they wanted to give me my spankings. He laughed, pulled away my arms and pushed me into the crowd. I was beaten, I went to the nurses office with a black eye, bloody lip, bruised stomach as well as scrapes.

The kids were not the only persons who humiliated me. Because I am proud of my Native heritage, my 5th grade teacher would ask me to stand in front of the class and she would berate and humiliate me. Saying things like, Indians are stupid, savage, ignorant, they ruined the lives of everyone around them. I finally told my mother who went to the principle. She was suspended one day, Mom also kept me home a couple days. When I returned to school, all my supplies had been stolen and all my pencils that had my name on them were broken. She asked me to stay after school and told me I was irresponsible, not worthy of life and that I was a dirty nasty person.

Even after all of the abuse, at the end of the year I helped that same teacher clean her classroom. One of the kids that beat me forgot her lunch and was sitting there without food. I sat next to her and gave her a hug, and my lunch. Another kid that deliberately hit me in the face with a ball fell and was bleeding. I took him to the nurse. 

I truly believe that I was able to survive the bullying because 1. I had faith. And 2. I never lost my humanity. Even though they did these things to me. I would pray at night that God would help them with their pain so they wouldn’t have so much anger to others. I truly believe that loving them even though it was difficult and painful was the right thing. 

Now as an adult, I have no hesitation protecting any living being that cannot protect themselves. I believe every living being deserves to live without fear. As a community we have a duty to be the anchor for these kids that are suffering everyday. Listen to them, support them, remind them that they are worthy of everything good in life. That they are exactly who they are meant to be. These kids often commit suicide or become dependent of drugs or alcohol. Give them the love and support that need without judgement, just love them. I’m grateful that my mother and other people gave me that anchor. They gave me that love. Just love. It doesn’t cost you anything, just love them.on 

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