Judgement and Tolerance

I’ve been thinking about this for a few days now. Being raised in a secular religion and interacting with people of other religions, I think I’ve heard antagonizing phrases such as, “Love the sinner hate the sin”, “He is a very good man, but he’s a practicing homosexual”, “Homosexuals are going to hell”, “Women who’ve had abortions are going to hell”, “The only true families are man and woman”, “He’s not a real man/woman because he/she is transgender, they need counseling”, “The Bible is the only real truth”, “The Koran is the only real truth”, “Judaism is only real truth”, “Only a man can know God”, and the list goes on and on and on.

My face gets sprayed with judgement as if a garden hose was turned on while I looked into it.

Why would I do that?

I can ask the same thing when it comes to judging others.

Why would you do that?

You see, judgement is a self-defense mechanism that we use because there is something that we see in others that we may not like in ourselves. Sometimes it’s the courage the other person has that we do not. Judgement is very sneaky, it sneaks around using fear to separate people.

So ask yourself, what is it really about when you judge someone else.

What is it about you that you don’t like?

Why are you afraid of them living in their truth and loving themselves that freaks you out?

My least favorite word in the English language when used to describe another human,“Tolerance.” I have to be honest and say that particular noun is very troublesome because it causes division between people, it feeds fear which fuels hate. You see, I “tolerate” pain. I “tolerate” discomfort. I don’t “tolerate” people. Have you ever taken a moment to actually understand what tolerance means?

Websters Defines Tolerance as; 1. a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, beliefs, practices, racial or ethnic origins, etc., differ from one’s own; freedom from bigotry.

Permissive attitude. Like people need “permission” to live their truths. You were given “permission” when you took your first breath. The rest is choices and finding self love. I remember reading a specific quote from Sir Thomas Moore’s book Utopia, “For if you suffer your people to be ill-educated, and their manners to be corrupted from their infancy, and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed them, what else is to be concluded from this, but that you first make thieves and then punish them.”

This is true on so many levels. Not just in regard to the practice of theft. You can also say that if your children are ill-educated when it comes to the basic template of all religion and that is to love, truly love, how then can we expect them to understand it as adults? Much less practice it on a daily basis. Again, if our children are ill-educated in the treatment of all living beings with whom we share this planet how then can we expect them to treat animals and other living beings with love?

We teach them. We teach ourselves. There is more in this world that makes us one people then separates us. Yes, seeing the world through the eyes of the heart is frightening, and it can make you vulnerable, especially when other people see this as a weakness or don’t know how to take it. These things are not yours to own. Your purpose is to just love. Like kindness love costs nothing. I can hear some of you now, but what if I get hurt?

Your heart cannot be broken. The muscular structure of the heart can be damaged, but the heart cannot be broken. Pain from loss or betrayal is real and must be acknowledged, but essence of the heart cannot be broken. I have had many experiences in my life where I loved and was hurt, for instance, as a child I was bullied, Monday thru Friday kids bullied me. Yet, when they were injured or hungry I was the first to help. They’d say thank you, and the next day bully me as if nothing happened. That never stopped me from loving them. Somehow I intrinsically knew that the pain they were feeling was theirs to own. Not me. I was shamed because of my race, yet I still love and I’m still proud. You will find that if you just own your own emotional baggage, it teaches you to love yourself. And if you can’t, then in some cases loving others teaches you to love yourself i.e. volunteer.

If you remove judgement and tolerance from your vocabulary and understand that the judgement that you place on others is not their issue, but yours; I think you will find that the world is much brighter. And, there are times when this is difficult for me, especially when someone means to do me harm. Or intends or has harmed another being. I just take a few and realize that I cannot change them, only me. I choose how I respond. I believe that my life has equal value to other living beings I share this planet with. And I mean all beings. Fur and feathered, scales and fins. From the smallest insect to the largest animal. We all have value and purpose. I challenge you to change your perspective, move out of your comfort zone and grow. Experience a world where love really is the most powerful force. And if you still have questions feel free to contact me. I’ll love you through those questions.

– Written by Soren A. Thoreau
Soren is a Navajo Native and military veteran. He serves with his heart and amazing humility. He is multi-faith, studying numerous faiths including Native Practices, Catholicism, Buddhism, Evangelical, Muslim, Islam, Hindu and Wicca. His life’s philosophy is that everything that is living is connected. He is a firm believer in Secular Ethics and believes that every living being is to be respected and honored no matter its physical form. He was gifted with an ability to cleanse and remove negative connections and energy from homes people, animals and any natural items. A gift he cherishes and never squanders, taking seriously the help he offers others. He will never lie to you. He is very blunt in his findings.He presents you with what he sees and allows you to decide how to proceed.

Soren is open to assisting those with spiritual and mental blocks as well as energy work.

We’ve attached this google form to help us get to know you, please click on the link, complete the questions then click submit…be patient it could take up to two days to respond! https://goo.gl/forms/W72Uos78S8kTF45n1 

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