What is hope? In Greek Mythology Pandora was given a box by Zeus. She was told not to open it, however, her curiosity became to much to bear and she opened the box. Out of the box flew every kind of angst that plagues humanity, sickness, worry, hate, fear, envy, crime; and many more. They flew into the air like bugs. Pandora tried to catch them but they flew away. In a panic she slammed the box closed. What she failed to release to combat these plagues was hope. Which is why hope easily escapes us when our lives become difficult. Many philosophers have debated about hope. Some believe that it is a state of mind, some a virtue, and others believe it’s an emotion. So what is it?

I believe that hope is a gift. Hope presents itself when we have nothing else. It appears in the darkest corners of our hearts. Its voice, a whisper. In this small light is tremendous power. It gives us the strength to survive anything. Hope can drive us to reach our full potential. Hope can inspire us to see beauty in the darkest places. I have personally watched hope keep people in toxic abusive relationships, hoping it will get better. I’ve seen hope forge a path to recovery from all manner of life challenges, because they “know” it will get better. Hope is a companion to all. It does not discriminate. Hope just is. Hope comes from the soul. It is intrinsic to all living beings. We all posses it, and can all call upon it whenever we need it. It is there for our use.

How many times have you said, “I hope I get the job?” or “I hope he/she likes me.” This is how we utilize the power of hope. Is this a healthy way to use it? I cannot speak to your truths, or your life. What I can say is that I prefer to use hope for the bigger picture and the benefit of all. I meditate on hope so that I can release its energy into the world, because my hope is that we as a people can see others with love. Hope is so much more then we can imagine, then we can fathom; hope is another facet of love. Simply put, hope is possibility. The possibility of an antidote to all the plagues us. It’s the building block of all life. Hope is the divine water for the soul.

How can we utilize hope? If a person attempts to use hope to hurt or damage others, then hope becomes contaminated, dark and harms you more then them. But, if you use hope for the betterment of yourself and others, then hope becomes beautiful, powerful and benevolent. Like everything there is a balance. Dark and light, hope and despair, each separated by one single breath.

“Hope is passion for the possible” – Soren Kierkegaard

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