What Is Residual Energy?

Many people ask me, “What is residual energy?” Residual energy is a number of things based on the space we are dealing with. First, let’s remember that energy is the very essence of life. Albert Einstein said it best, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form or another.” What does he mean by that? First, the energy that creates all life, is constant. It never changes, as all things that live, all things die. The energy changes, however it remains constant. The intensity of the energy does have various frequencies. For instance, if there is immense love and prayer that happens in a space, the frequency in that space rises and becomes palpable. For example, people tend to relax and find comfort in our space. In our home, my wife and I have created a space that is full of love and light. Every living being, our plants included thrive in our home. Our guests feel so loved and comfortable that we sometimes have to ask them to leave. We have cultivated a frequency that raises the frequency of all life that enters our space. When we move, the energy that remains is residual.

Just as a space can have such a positive experience, it can also have a negative or traumatic experience. In those spaces people tend to have feelings of anxiety, anger, frustration, confusion and even body aches. That is because the frequency has been scared by this event. Animals instinctively avoid these spaces. If an animal or plant must live in that space, they normally do not thrive. Animals tend to die from cancer or other illnesses, and plants fail to grow and flourish. Understand that people can contribute or be the cause of this type of environment. If the environment is abusive, full of anger, stress, or there are mental health issues that have not been addressed, can all be causes of this kind of negative energy.

Now let’s talk about how to deal with residual energy. First we must accept that all spaces will have some kind of energy attached to it. And that there are several different forms of para-normal activities that can occur. Each energy requires a different approach. We never know what we will encounter, however, we do mentally and through our energy reach out to our Angels and guides for guidance as to what we need for the appointment. Sometimes it can take several visits to remove the layers of energy. However, don’t let that prevent you from taking the steps needed to create a space that is healthy and peaceful. You cannot do it alone. People who have certain abilities and knowledge can face these energies for you.

*Please note, mental health is incredibly important to maintain a healthy body, a healthy mind and a peaceful space. If mental health is necessary to raise your energy, then I say go for it. Mental health to me is more important than physical health. As mental health can create illness. So please, be kind to yourself.*


We would love to assist you with your space i.e. home, car, office, yard, person, place and thing. Fill our the form listed on the contact us page of the website. We typically get back to you within a few hours unless we are traveling.

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