Whom Shall I Fear?

woman hiding under the covers with the word Fear

I had an awakening moment this morning while reading my devotions.  We were to read Psalm 27:1-6. In my past I was taught and read just the verse whom I shall fear – and was to understand it’s meaning of I shall fear God – but that isn’t right!

What are your fears? Getting sick? Losing your job or home?  What others think or feel about you?  

Whether you say God, the universe, higher power…We have salvation from those fears because He is on our side. Some may not have visions to see what is to come, but we have reassurance that one who knows and sees everything is guiding our way. He shines even in our darkest places. (Reference to “The Word in Season” Jan 23, 2020)

Soren and I read many things i.e. Devotionals, The Bible, spiritual books in confidence knowing our education will help us during those times of need, but fear…

We have been through many wars in our life – physical, spiritual, health, friendships and family.  Through all of these I have not had fear…now that would be just silly as we are all human after all. However scriptures, devotionals and secular readings such as this, remind me that He is with me and helps me to fight whatever is to come my way! I can have confidence knowing he will dispel all my fears and provide me whatever I need (not want…lol…let’s not get greedy here!)

Here is my writing and note taking from the reading I did today from the scriptures…take from it what you will.

“You have God on your side. So because of that have absolutely no fear. All your enemies  whether they be physical, spiritual, health or relationships they will stumble. There is a war we are fighting, and we will win! The Lord, and his house are of beauty and knowledge. It’s ours to behold and own. He lifts me high, because of all this I have joy, confidence, song and protection!” – Sabina Whittall

Do you have fear?  How can we help you overcome these fears?  We are here to help lift you up, assist you in fighting inner battles, and live life with you through love, joy and peace.

– Blessings Be!

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