*Warning, the following can be very controversial. Understand that what is shared here is based on my own experiences and the knowledge I have gained from it.*

What is evil? There have been several studies about this subject. This subject, like pain is sometimes perception. As a people we can agree on some key points. Murder, abuse, torture, we can ususally agree that these actions are evil. However, we tend to use the word evil as a general term. If a person verbally abuses someone of a different race we call it evil. If someone is manipulative, we can call them evil. Criminals are evil, etc. We are not going to focus on these sociological issues of what we call evil. Instead we are going to focus on spiritual evil.

Would it surprise you when I say that true evil is horrifying. We say that the Devil is evil. But what does that mean? The Devil is the furthest being away from God’s light. If these icons offend you then you can call them what you is more comfortable for you. For the sake of this article, I am going to stick with God and the Devil. True evil is powerful. It is all consuming and merciless. There is a very real spiritual evil. I see people boast that they are from the church of Satan. However, they have no clue what that actually means.

Having been blessed by God to possess the gifts that I have, I have not only seen the Devil, but have been attacked by a demon. I know first had the real danger of the darkness. The most difficult thing to understand is that as human beings, we are a balance of both. Yes, we have that same darkness within us. The psychologist Carl Jung and his theory were the inspiration of George Lucus’s © Star Wars franchise. He posed that each person has the hero and villain within ourselves. Or Luke and © Vader. Although this philosophy was discovered hundreds of years after American Indians told of the tale of the 2 wolves that are within us. One is made of darkness and the other of light. You are the person you are based on the wolf you feed. However, it’s opposite never disappears. We always have both. Evil is, in many ways, a choice. We choose to be cruel to animals, we choose to damage the earth, we choose to injure one another. Admitting that to ourselves is one of the most difficult tasks we can undertake. However, if we look at our darkness, shine light upon it we are better people because of it.

For instance, I used to believe that suicide was an act of evil. I was wrong and ignorant. When I was attacked by that demon, I could feel the weight of it, there were scorch marks on my bed sheets, and where it held me down I had red marks that lasted weeks. Because of this attack, something in my gifts changed. I finally fully accepted them and knew that God was with me. It was like my brain popped open, like a cork from a champagne bottle. I would later encounter people that have commited suicide in spirit form. They wear their pain like wet coats. It takes so much courage to take your own life. And the pain stays with you. The darkness that consumed these souls is so heavy and dark. I apologize if this has hurt anyone, it is what I’ve seen.

Spiritual evil is very real. And the battle between the light and darkness is very real and happens on small to large scales. I hope that this article gives you pause and allows you to perform some introspection. 


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