Use Care In What You Say…

When someone in the metaphysical world tells you to be mindful and conscious, what does that mean? There are various levels of consciousness. They depend on where the person is in their spiritual development. In this article I will discuss a simple step to help you become more aware of how and what is said.

What we say and think are extremely powerful. We often simply say hurtful things to one another without thinking. It doesn’t matter the reason, we do it anyway. When we think of ourselves and others we are less loving than we are verbally. There lies the problem. Love. Love in all of its forms. We all go through life wanting love, acceptance and to be cared for. What happens is we separate from one another by various methods. We do not make eye contact, we are on our phones, or other mobile devices, we say to ourselves “it doesn’t affect me directly, so it’s not my problem,” etc. The list of excuses is endless.

Here is the problem, the brain cannot differentiate between the present, the future or the past. Nor can it understand that the things you say out loud are not directed at yourself. The ego in our brain is very selfish, it’s always about you. When we have any unresolved emotional issues, our brain sees those issues everywhere and in everyone. This is most likely the reason some folks are incredibly judgmental.

A few years ago a researcher by the name of Masaru Emoto conducted experiments on water and wrote a book about his findings entitled © The Hidden Messages in Water. I recommend this book to give you further understanding and raise your awareness. Masaru Emoto discovered that water is alive. It has a memory. He conducted various experiments, some as simple as writing Love, Joy, Hate and Anger on pieces of paper and taping them to containers filled with water. Then he would look at the water molecules under an electron microscope. What he found is that the water that reflected the words love and joy we beautifully balanced molecules. Those that were taped with hate and anger, were fragmented and glowed red. So what does this mean?

It means that we are completely in control of the way our bodies and minds respond to the world. Our bodies are compiled of 60% water. If Masaru Emoto taped love on a small beaker of water and the molecules were harmonious what does the mean for us if we lived with an open heart of love for others and ourselves? We must understand for every emotion we have there is always an opposite. For instance, Gratitude-Hate, Courage-Fear, Kindness-Anger, Peace of mind-A mind of Anxiety/Depression. The frequency of our thoughts affect our bodies in a profound way. Many studies have proved this theory.

What we think, whether we say it or not becomes a part of us. So I ask you, if you show love, kindness, and gratitude to yourself and others, what do you think those thoughts can do to your body? Meditation and prayer are incredibly important to purge those negative thoughts and emotions. It also gives your mind the discipline that it needs to stay positive. Remember, your life at this exact moment is a culmination of the choices you have made. As I write this I did not take the time this morning to perform my Qigong meditation. All day I have felt drained and sluggish. I made the choice not to meditate, and this is the consequence I lived with today. If you desire for your life to change, to improve and be better you must understand that the common denominator is you and your thoughts.


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