Relationships come in many types. Not one evolves the same way. Some are for a short time, others are for a bit longer, and some can last a lifetime. The longest relationship that a person will ever have is the one you have with yourself. 

I’m very particular in whom I chose to spend time with. The reason that I am particular is because I’m seeking a healthy reciprocal relationship. Because of this choice I can literally count my friends on one hand. I’m not boasting about this, I’m sharing because I don’t particularly require quantity.

Relationships are broad strokes of greys. There are so many levels of relationships, from the waiter(ess) at your favorite restaurant, to the librarian that you always greet, not to mention all the different types of friends that you have. When you really think about it, each friend is a reflection of a part of you.

If you are blessed, you will have that one or two friends that are a constant. No matter what happens in your life they are always there. Sometimes you give to them, sometimes they give to you, but every time, you both feel love, safety and companionship.

I am very blessed to have a friend that I have a couple friends that I love dearly. One lives very far away, and we talk infrequently, however whenever one needs the other, we are always there. I have another who’s priorities have changed, but we both know that we are there when needed. And the last is someone I love so much. I was so happy she’s found the love of her life. I love seeing her happy, and she loves seeing my wife and I happy. We have a connection that is deep and pure. She is a sister to me, I tend to be a little protective, but I’m sure she knows that short of murder or selling a kidney, I would do almost anything for her.

Do you have standards for your relationships? What about boundaries that you may have? Do you have any? It’s a good idea to write down what you want in a friendship. Almost like a resume. Once you put the energy into the resume, write it out, then say it out loud you’ve placed it out in the universe. You will eventually attract those friends that give you what you need, as well as let you love them the way they need.

Love yourself enough to have these healthy relationships. Be real, be true, be honest, be courageous-be you.


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