Have you ever regretted not spending more time with someone after they’ve passed away? Or wishing you would have said something to someone? Sometimes we harbor so many regrets of things that should’ve been said or should’ve been done, a serious case of the should haves. Why don’t we say what needs to be said or spend time where time needs to be spent?

We tell ourselves so many excuses that it becomes washed away in the white noise of living. Our lives are a glimpse in time, yet we spend more time making excuses then taking action. Sometimes we are so caught up in what someone will think, or if we might make them uncomfortable that we lose sight or what really matters.

Yes, sometimes things are uncomfortable to say, or that hug lasted a bit too long and became awkward. So what! If those are your feelings then why not. I tell the people that I love that I will hug them until it gets awkward. It doesn’t matter their gender, a good heart to heart hug feeds the soul.

You don’t need to hide who you are, so many people do that. Shame becomes a self-imposed prison, and we are left with heartache. I’m a hugger and I’m not afraid to tell someone that I love them. I don’t want to pass away tonight and the people who I love the most question how I felt about them. That terrifies me. How can I leave this world without telling those who mean the most to me how I feel? That seems so selfish to me.

I’d rather risk being vulnerable and opening myself up to hurt or rejection then not express myself. What holds you back? Take the plunge and say how you feel. Good, bad, it really doesn’t matter. Why torture yourself with regret later. I just recently told a friend that visited from out of state that I was going to hug her until it was awkward. Her husband knows that I love her. No it’s not sexual, she’s like a sister and I missed her. And as sure as a bear that shits in the woods, as soon as I saw her I grabbed ahold of her and hugged her.

Regret can kill your soul. There is no need for it. Love yourself enough to express how you’re feeling. Follow your instincts, say what needs to be said. If you can’t speak it, write it. Grab a card from the Dollar Tree and send it. The reason I say to hand write it is because when you write, you pour your emotions onto the page. You can feel it. It’s never too late to start. Never. So take a moment today and express yourself to someone you’ve assumed knew how you felt. 


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