Whom Shall I Fear?

woman hiding under the covers with the word Fear

I had an awakening moment this morning while reading my devotions.  We were to read Psalm 27:1-6. In my past I was taught and read just the verse whom I shall fear – and was to understand it’s meaning of I shall fear God – but that isn’t right!

What are your fears? Getting sick? Losing your job or home?  What others think or feel about you?  

Whether you say God, the universe, higher power…We have salvation from those fears because He is on our side. Some may not have visions to see what is to come, but we have reassurance that one who knows and sees everything is guiding our way. He shines even in our darkest places. (Reference to “The Word in Season” Jan 23, 2020)

Soren and I read many things i.e. Devotionals, The Bible, spiritual books in confidence knowing our education will help us during those times of need, but fear…

We have been through many wars in our life – physical, spiritual, health, friendships and family.  Through all of these I have not had fear…now that would be just silly as we are all human after all. However scriptures, devotionals and secular readings such as this, remind me that He is with me and helps me to fight whatever is to come my way! I can have confidence knowing he will dispel all my fears and provide me whatever I need (not want…lol…let’s not get greedy here!)

Here is my writing and note taking from the reading I did today from the scriptures…take from it what you will.

“You have God on your side. So because of that have absolutely no fear. All your enemies  whether they be physical, spiritual, health or relationships they will stumble. There is a war we are fighting, and we will win! The Lord, and his house are of beauty and knowledge. It’s ours to behold and own. He lifts me high, because of all this I have joy, confidence, song and protection!” – Sabina Whittall

Do you have fear?  How can we help you overcome these fears?  We are here to help lift you up, assist you in fighting inner battles, and live life with you through love, joy and peace.

– Blessings Be!

What Is Residual Energy?

Many people ask me, “What is residual energy?” Residual energy is a number of things based on the space we are dealing with. First, let’s remember that energy is the very essence of life. Albert Einstein said it best, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form or another.” What does he mean by that? First, the energy that creates all life, is constant. It never changes, as all things that live, all things die. The energy changes, however it remains constant. The intensity of the energy does have various frequencies. For instance, if there is immense love and prayer that happens in a space, the frequency in that space rises and becomes palpable. For example, people tend to relax and find comfort in our space. In our home, my wife and I have created a space that is full of love and light. Every living being, our plants included thrive in our home. Our guests feel so loved and comfortable that we sometimes have to ask them to leave. We have cultivated a frequency that raises the frequency of all life that enters our space. When we move, the energy that remains is residual.

Just as a space can have such a positive experience, it can also have a negative or traumatic experience. In those spaces people tend to have feelings of anxiety, anger, frustration, confusion and even body aches. That is because the frequency has been scared by this event. Animals instinctively avoid these spaces. If an animal or plant must live in that space, they normally do not thrive. Animals tend to die from cancer or other illnesses, and plants fail to grow and flourish. Understand that people can contribute or be the cause of this type of environment. If the environment is abusive, full of anger, stress, or there are mental health issues that have not been addressed, can all be causes of this kind of negative energy.

Now let’s talk about how to deal with residual energy. First we must accept that all spaces will have some kind of energy attached to it. And that there are several different forms of para-normal activities that can occur. Each energy requires a different approach. We never know what we will encounter, however, we do mentally and through our energy reach out to our Angels and guides for guidance as to what we need for the appointment. Sometimes it can take several visits to remove the layers of energy. However, don’t let that prevent you from taking the steps needed to create a space that is healthy and peaceful. You cannot do it alone. People who have certain abilities and knowledge can face these energies for you.

*Please note, mental health is incredibly important to maintain a healthy body, a healthy mind and a peaceful space. If mental health is necessary to raise your energy, then I say go for it. Mental health to me is more important than physical health. As mental health can create illness. So please, be kind to yourself.*


We would love to assist you with your space i.e. home, car, office, yard, person, place and thing. Fill our the form listed on the contact us page of the website. We typically get back to you within a few hours unless we are traveling.

What Is Energy Work?

Many people have asked the same question, “What is energy work?” Well, there are different types of energy work. I will touch on some of the more common types, then I will attempt to explain what exactly I do. It’s my hope that you will have a basic understanding of the types of energy work.

First, let’s take a look at one of the most familiar types, Reiki. Reiki is Japanese for “Universal life energy.” Reiki Masters and practitioners use the principle that they are able to channel energy through touch or by hovering over the patient to activate the bodies natural healing process. Clients of Reiki practitioners have normally searched to find the right practitioner that is compatible with their own belief system. Reki has been shown to have many healing properties, which is why it is so important to find the right person. Each practitioner has their own rhythm and way of channeling the universal energy.

Second, Acupuncture/Acupressure. These are also Eastern based practices. Acupuncture uses very small needles inserted into the body at specific points in the body called the body’s Meridian system. This helps improve the flow of Chi. Chi being the life force of the person. Acupressure uses the same principle, except that needles are not used, instead pressure from the practitioners finger or palm of the had are used.

Third, Intuitive healing. Intuitive healing is somewhat broad in its practices. An intuitive practitioner performs a quick “scan” of the client and allows the body to tell them what they need. This leads the practitioner to various forms of holistic medicine, i.e Reki, oils, herbs, crystals, and the like. This may sound very far fetched, however, many people find relief in this type of treatment.

Next, we will look at Shamanic healing, use energy from the spiritual realm using power animals. This practice has been used by the American Indians for centuries, and has been quite successful.

Spiritual/Energy healing are very similar. Its premise is based on that base knowledge that the body is energy. These practitioners use the clients own energy to facilitate the bodies ability to heal itself. Other similar practices are, shiatsu and cranial-sacral therapy.

Restorative Touch(TM) is a very powerful form of energy work that is based on the model to support the health, healing and spiritual evolution of the client. Practitioners are held to very high standards.

And last but not least, Quantum Touch ® (Kvantum Energy Healing). Practitioners in this field cultivate their own energy to entrain it with the client’s energy. This helps the clients energy to raise to a higher and healthier level.

Now that we’ve covered these more common forms of “energy work,” let’s discuss what exactly I do. I use a combination of all of the above, in a sense. First, being of Native American decent, I burn sage, I pray then connect with your energy (some call it vibration.) When I do this, in my minds eye I can see the entire energy flow of my client. It resembles an electric blue print.

Once there, I can see muscle pain, illnesses, spiritual issues, mental issues, and emotional issues. I then balance the body’s energy and restore healing and flow. Clients tend to be a bit emotional for a few days as issues are brought to the surface. During this time I encourage you to sit with it and process what you are feeling. My clients tend to become warm and or feel tingling in their bodies. Some say that they feel a floating sensation. Clients are usually tired and thirsty after a session, they rest well and wake feeling peaceful and rested. I always recommend drinking plenty of water. It is not uncommon for me to “freak” people out a bit. Headaches have disappeared, pain is gone, and inflammation is gone.


For your own energy session with Soren feel free to email us or fill out our form on the contact us page. We usually contact our clients with in a few hours but if we are off site doing work out of state it can take up to 24 hours for our response.

Most healing sessions can be done via the phone with no face to face contact.

What is Spirituality?

So what exactly is spirituality? Spirituality is a sense of self beyond singular thought. Now what did I just say? When you think about yourself and what you want or desire, you are not being a spiritual person. Spirituality is the ability to remove yourself from the equation. To think of the earthlings you share this planet with, whether they are furred, feathered, or scaled. Plants and trees also fall into this category. Spirituality is knowing that your energy is connected to everything else. Wow? Can’t really wrap your head around that. So let’s break this down.

Did you ever see the movie © Avatar? Do you remember when the scientists were geeked out by the fact that all the trees were connected by some “nervous system” system made of energy? Well, that’s not too far from the truth. You see when we look at ourselves in the mirror we see a human. However, when we break down our human bodies we have mostly water, and electrical energy. Broken down a bit further and we have energy. Everything that is natural on this planet is fundamentally made of energy. Energy is what flows through everything. It’s the same principle in paranormal work. All you hear them talk about is energy. Well, that’s because that’s what we are, energy. 

The sun that warms you is energy, the wind that chills you is energy, the grass you walk on is all made up of energy. So when you think of spirituality, you may think of many things, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Yahweh or the Great Spirit. Look past the name of the ideal and what do you have. Energy. Jesus knew that life was energy, and that our actions and thoughts affect that energy. Buddha called it enlightenment when a person becomes harmonious with the world around them and “matches” the frequency. Even Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.”

We sometimes look in awe at those who are close to mastering that energy, Shaolin Monks for example. They perform extraordinary acts of strength and mastery of their own bodies. Are they superhuman? Nope, they have learned how to channel their energy and focus it on a specific task. Chi masters have been known to start fires by focusing their minds and their energy on a specific task. These people have disciplined their minds and found a balance in their spirituality by matching the frequency of the world around them. They understand that spirituality is knowing that the person is a singular ball of energy in the infinitesimal energy of the universe. They understand that it’s not about themselves, it’s about the whole.

I’m a spiritual person, however I am also a dualist. I believe that God is the creator of all, and that when the body dies, the essence, soul/spirit lives on around us. The energy bundle has changed, but not the essence. To be a spiritual person means that you need to have faith. And yes, you can have faith without believing in God. You have faith in spirit of all that is around you. That you are actively working to find the frequency of the planet to be a better more compassionate person to all living things. Namaste is a good example, in yoga they say Namaste, or my energy bows to your energy. If you’d like to move in that direction I suggest Qigong. It’s a form of physical meditation. I attend church and practice Qigong. You can do both. For more of a visual reference go to © YouTube and in the search bar type Chi. You will find plenty of references to spirituality and energy.


If you feel you need guidance please don’t hesitate to contact us!


We have been so blessed this year with meeting verious new friendships and amazing client connections. It’s been so busy starting up some new ventures that Sabina dropped the ball in letting you all know about the small business ventures we have taken on.

Sabina never saw herself as managing social media, sending monthly newsletters or doing the hands on marketing. For the past couple of decates the work was always pieced out to different marketing companies. This year we took on a couple of non-profits as a favor and act of service…and Sabina fell in love with the ability to get into the weeds and have some fresh creative juices flowing through.

So a few additional people came along and asked if she could take on additional marketing “weed” working, and of course the answer is yes!

You asked…here are a couple of new packages!


We recently have received requests for marketing packages so we have put 2 basic packages together. If there is an additional need based of the consult we can discuss pricing for each add on.

– 1 hour consult
– Basic Logo
– Social Media Profile Build with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Nextdoor. Additional social media sites $50/profile i.e. YouTube, Meetup, SnapChat,
– Basic Free WordPress website
– Business cards using Vistaprint
– MailChimp set up

– Weekly blog on WordPress website to keep your website refreshed
– 3 postings per week per social media sites
– Monthly newsletter sent through MailChimp to your customer database

Let us know if you’re interested in getting your business from hobby to profit!


What is hope? In Greek Mythology Pandora was given a box by Zeus. She was told not to open it, however, her curiosity became to much to bear and she opened the box. Out of the box flew every kind of angst that plagues humanity, sickness, worry, hate, fear, envy, crime; and many more. They flew into the air like bugs. Pandora tried to catch them but they flew away. In a panic she slammed the box closed. What she failed to release to combat these plagues was hope. Which is why hope easily escapes us when our lives become difficult. Many philosophers have debated about hope. Some believe that it is a state of mind, some a virtue, and others believe it’s an emotion. So what is it?

I believe that hope is a gift. Hope presents itself when we have nothing else. It appears in the darkest corners of our hearts. Its voice, a whisper. In this small light is tremendous power. It gives us the strength to survive anything. Hope can drive us to reach our full potential. Hope can inspire us to see beauty in the darkest places. I have personally watched hope keep people in toxic abusive relationships, hoping it will get better. I’ve seen hope forge a path to recovery from all manner of life challenges, because they “know” it will get better. Hope is a companion to all. It does not discriminate. Hope just is. Hope comes from the soul. It is intrinsic to all living beings. We all posses it, and can all call upon it whenever we need it. It is there for our use.

How many times have you said, “I hope I get the job?” or “I hope he/she likes me.” This is how we utilize the power of hope. Is this a healthy way to use it? I cannot speak to your truths, or your life. What I can say is that I prefer to use hope for the bigger picture and the benefit of all. I meditate on hope so that I can release its energy into the world, because my hope is that we as a people can see others with love. Hope is so much more then we can imagine, then we can fathom; hope is another facet of love. Simply put, hope is possibility. The possibility of an antidote to all the plagues us. It’s the building block of all life. Hope is the divine water for the soul.

How can we utilize hope? If a person attempts to use hope to hurt or damage others, then hope becomes contaminated, dark and harms you more then them. But, if you use hope for the betterment of yourself and others, then hope becomes beautiful, powerful and benevolent. Like everything there is a balance. Dark and light, hope and despair, each separated by one single breath.

“Hope is passion for the possible” – Soren Kierkegaard

Judgement and Tolerance

I’ve been thinking about this for a few days now. Being raised in a secular religion and interacting with people of other religions, I think I’ve heard antagonizing phrases such as, “Love the sinner hate the sin”, “He is a very good man, but he’s a practicing homosexual”, “Homosexuals are going to hell”, “Women who’ve had abortions are going to hell”, “The only true families are man and woman”, “He’s not a real man/woman because he/she is transgender, they need counseling”, “The Bible is the only real truth”, “The Koran is the only real truth”, “Judaism is only real truth”, “Only a man can know God”, and the list goes on and on and on.

My face gets sprayed with judgement as if a garden hose was turned on while I looked into it.

Why would I do that?

I can ask the same thing when it comes to judging others.

Why would you do that?

You see, judgement is a self-defense mechanism that we use because there is something that we see in others that we may not like in ourselves. Sometimes it’s the courage the other person has that we do not. Judgement is very sneaky, it sneaks around using fear to separate people.

So ask yourself, what is it really about when you judge someone else.

What is it about you that you don’t like?

Why are you afraid of them living in their truth and loving themselves that freaks you out?

My least favorite word in the English language when used to describe another human,“Tolerance.” I have to be honest and say that particular noun is very troublesome because it causes division between people, it feeds fear which fuels hate. You see, I “tolerate” pain. I “tolerate” discomfort. I don’t “tolerate” people. Have you ever taken a moment to actually understand what tolerance means?

Websters Defines Tolerance as; 1. a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, beliefs, practices, racial or ethnic origins, etc., differ from one’s own; freedom from bigotry.

Permissive attitude. Like people need “permission” to live their truths. You were given “permission” when you took your first breath. The rest is choices and finding self love. I remember reading a specific quote from Sir Thomas Moore’s book Utopia, “For if you suffer your people to be ill-educated, and their manners to be corrupted from their infancy, and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed them, what else is to be concluded from this, but that you first make thieves and then punish them.”

This is true on so many levels. Not just in regard to the practice of theft. You can also say that if your children are ill-educated when it comes to the basic template of all religion and that is to love, truly love, how then can we expect them to understand it as adults? Much less practice it on a daily basis. Again, if our children are ill-educated in the treatment of all living beings with whom we share this planet how then can we expect them to treat animals and other living beings with love?

We teach them. We teach ourselves. There is more in this world that makes us one people then separates us. Yes, seeing the world through the eyes of the heart is frightening, and it can make you vulnerable, especially when other people see this as a weakness or don’t know how to take it. These things are not yours to own. Your purpose is to just love. Like kindness love costs nothing. I can hear some of you now, but what if I get hurt?

Your heart cannot be broken. The muscular structure of the heart can be damaged, but the heart cannot be broken. Pain from loss or betrayal is real and must be acknowledged, but essence of the heart cannot be broken. I have had many experiences in my life where I loved and was hurt, for instance, as a child I was bullied, Monday thru Friday kids bullied me. Yet, when they were injured or hungry I was the first to help. They’d say thank you, and the next day bully me as if nothing happened. That never stopped me from loving them. Somehow I intrinsically knew that the pain they were feeling was theirs to own. Not me. I was shamed because of my race, yet I still love and I’m still proud. You will find that if you just own your own emotional baggage, it teaches you to love yourself. And if you can’t, then in some cases loving others teaches you to love yourself i.e. volunteer.

If you remove judgement and tolerance from your vocabulary and understand that the judgement that you place on others is not their issue, but yours; I think you will find that the world is much brighter. And, there are times when this is difficult for me, especially when someone means to do me harm. Or intends or has harmed another being. I just take a few and realize that I cannot change them, only me. I choose how I respond. I believe that my life has equal value to other living beings I share this planet with. And I mean all beings. Fur and feathered, scales and fins. From the smallest insect to the largest animal. We all have value and purpose. I challenge you to change your perspective, move out of your comfort zone and grow. Experience a world where love really is the most powerful force. And if you still have questions feel free to contact me. I’ll love you through those questions.

– Written by Soren A. Thoreau
Soren is a Navajo Native and military veteran. He serves with his heart and amazing humility. He is multi-faith, studying numerous faiths including Native Practices, Catholicism, Buddhism, Evangelical, Muslim, Islam, Hindu and Wicca. His life’s philosophy is that everything that is living is connected. He is a firm believer in Secular Ethics and believes that every living being is to be respected and honored no matter its physical form. He was gifted with an ability to cleanse and remove negative connections and energy from homes people, animals and any natural items. A gift he cherishes and never squanders, taking seriously the help he offers others. He will never lie to you. He is very blunt in his findings.He presents you with what he sees and allows you to decide how to proceed.

Soren is open to assisting those with spiritual and mental blocks as well as energy work.

We’ve attached this google form to help us get to know you, please click on the link, complete the questions then click submit…be patient it could take up to two days to respond! https://goo.gl/forms/W72Uos78S8kTF45n1 

Soren’s Reflections on Bully’s

I don’t normally like to express much about my personal experiences on FB. I’m usually not one to share, however I’ve seen so much lately about bullies. So I felt compelled to write this. I don’t like bullies, I never have.

The reason I don’t tolerate bullies of any kind is because from preschool through high school I was bullied. In addition to name calling, I was physically attacked every school day. So much so that my entire elementary school years I literally ran to and from school. It was a mile and a half each way. I ran because if I rode the bus the kids hit me in the back of the head, punched me and kicked me. So I decided to run.

In one instance I ran to a substitute teacher crying and begging him to help me. Asking him to save me from the four children that were physically attacking me. As I wrapped my arms around his waist begging to be protected. These kids laughed and said it was just my birthday and they wanted to give me my spankings. He laughed, pulled away my arms and pushed me into the crowd. I was beaten, I went to the nurses office with a black eye, bloody lip, bruised stomach as well as scrapes.

The kids were not the only persons who humiliated me. Because I am proud of my Native heritage, my 5th grade teacher would ask me to stand in front of the class and she would berate and humiliate me. Saying things like, Indians are stupid, savage, ignorant, they ruined the lives of everyone around them. I finally told my mother who went to the principle. She was suspended one day, Mom also kept me home a couple days. When I returned to school, all my supplies had been stolen and all my pencils that had my name on them were broken. She asked me to stay after school and told me I was irresponsible, not worthy of life and that I was a dirty nasty person.

Even after all of the abuse, at the end of the year I helped that same teacher clean her classroom. One of the kids that beat me forgot her lunch and was sitting there without food. I sat next to her and gave her a hug, and my lunch. Another kid that deliberately hit me in the face with a ball fell and was bleeding. I took him to the nurse. 

I truly believe that I was able to survive the bullying because 1. I had faith. And 2. I never lost my humanity. Even though they did these things to me. I would pray at night that God would help them with their pain so they wouldn’t have so much anger to others. I truly believe that loving them even though it was difficult and painful was the right thing. 

Now as an adult, I have no hesitation protecting any living being that cannot protect themselves. I believe every living being deserves to live without fear. As a community we have a duty to be the anchor for these kids that are suffering everyday. Listen to them, support them, remind them that they are worthy of everything good in life. That they are exactly who they are meant to be. These kids often commit suicide or become dependent of drugs or alcohol. Give them the love and support that need without judgement, just love them. I’m grateful that my mother and other people gave me that anchor. They gave me that love. Just love. It doesn’t cost you anything, just love them.on 

Living Your Truth

We’ve all heard this somewhere.            

We’ve all read this somewhere.           

What does it mean to live your truth?            

Living your truth is about loving and empowering yourself to be intrinsically who you are. It doesn’t matter what community you are a part of or who you identify with. It’s about being human. Many of us get caught in our religious beliefs. The failure of religion is our human interpretation. We receive the information and react to it based on the rose colored lenses of our lives. The information is filtered through our own hurts, grief, pain heartache and biases we’ve learned. I’ve heard this before, “Love the sinner hate the sin.” This is an excuse to be judgmental. Love is love. Love makes no demands of us. Love expects nothing from us. It just is. It’s the natural language of the heart.            

Living your truth means loving yourself enough to break the chains society has placed you in. All of the lies we’ve heard and told to ourselves. It’s not easy, and takes a lot of courage for people to live their truth. Just because you may not understand, or you fear what you see does not mean that they are wrong, that they are weirdos or freaks. They are human just like you. They are capable of the same love, hurt, and pains and fear that you are.           

I see so many people shielding themselves against judgment that they face from others. They hang their heads and scurry by, doing their best not to make eye contact. It hurts me deeply that they live in such fear. We cannot expect the world to be loving toward us if we are not loving toward others. Everything…everything we put out into the world in our thoughts and actions comes back to us. We have only this life, encourage others to live their truth, the world is much better and richer for it.           

Part of living your truth is loving yourself. So many of us think that we love ourselves through our quest for material goods, living your truth is very much the opposite. Loving yourself is looking at yourself, seeing every good and bad within you and embracing it with love and acceptance. I always encourage people to ask themselves, why this person or situation is so fearful or uncomfortable for them. Most of the time we are uncomfortable because there is something inside us that we do not want to accept or face. That’s okay, because we are all in different places of growth. But grow. Never stop, face those fears and love yourself. Truly love yourself.

Our differences are our virtues and our love is our faith. Push your ego aside and see the world through the love in your heart. See past the physical attributes of each person and see the human, the soul, the good in each of us. We were born to love, we learn to hate.           
– Soren Thoreau

2018 Resolutions…Visions…Goals…Intention….Repeat Record!

New year can be a rough time for some of us, the holiday’s are over and we all are looking for some form of normalcy but we fall into pits of depression.
For me it also lends another challenge as my birthday happens to be January 2nd.
So to get myself over this hump I look for opportunities to make some major changes for each year and find a way to track them.  My previous life would have called these new years resolutions, the business coach in me calls them SMART Goals but the new me calls these a vision for the year.  Here are some tips to help you get over you post holiday blues and do something with your life, at least in the short term.

  1. Write down things you would like to accomplish.
    Yes some of these things can be the typical i.e. loose weight, save money, eat better, buy a house or my personal favorite life balance.  Nothing wrong with those, we should every year look for ways to better out health and change some habits but the pitfall for some is they set those intentions but never plan for how they are going to achieve them…soooo
  2. Write down what is keeping you from accomplishing the above items.
    I’m sure in the past you have written down “lose weight” but what happened before that you didn’t reach your goal?  When we see the reason behind not reaching the target we can then plan for the “what to do when”
  3. How do you plan to make this happen.
    It’s all well and good to say you want to take a trip to Italy, but what are the small steps you need to get to Italy i.e. create a budget, talk to a travel agent, book trip, buy clothes, learn to speak Italian…all those little bit size steps need to be written down and a date set to accomplish them in order for the actual trip to happen
  4. Who is going to hold you accountable?
    When life seems to be out of balance you need to reach out to someone who can help you, either a mentor or coach.  Please try not to have a loved one, family member or the worst one your spouse/partner be your accountability partner.  Mentors are easy to come by when they are a senior or manager in your company or find someone within your community who is not personally connected to you, who may have been there done that and seems to have their stuff together.  Have a conversation and let them know you have some goals to accomplish but you need someone to hold you accountable to those goals and would they be willing to meet with you monthly or quarterly to help keep you on track.
  5. Reward yourself when you complete a goal!
    This is the fun part and it doesn’t always have to cost you money…what would help drive you to complete your vision, get creative…this is the fun part!

If you find yourself just even struggling to write any goal down then it’s time to seek some professional help.  We all need it from time to time, after all we have doctors to help us when we physically don’t feel good, we have pastors and/or priests to help us when we are spiritually sick  and sometimes we need to see a psychiatrist to help our mental help.  There is no shame in getting with the right professional to help us navigate through life.
Looking forward to working through our year together…Happy New Year!