What is Spirituality?

So what exactly is spirituality? Spirituality is a sense of self beyond singular thought. Now what did I just say? When you think about yourself and what you want or desire, you are not being a spiritual person. Spirituality is the ability to remove yourself from the equation. To think of the earthlings you share this planet with, whether they are furred, feathered, or scaled. Plants and trees also fall into this category. Spirituality is knowing that your energy is connected to everything else. Wow? Can’t really wrap your head around that. So let’s break this down.

Did you ever see the movie © Avatar? Do you remember when the scientists were geeked out by the fact that all the trees were connected by some “nervous system” system made of energy? Well, that’s not too far from the truth. You see when we look at ourselves in the mirror we see a human. However, when we break down our human bodies we have mostly water, and electrical energy. Broken down a bit further and we have energy. Everything that is natural on this planet is fundamentally made of energy. Energy is what flows through everything. It’s the same principle in paranormal work. All you hear them talk about is energy. Well, that’s because that’s what we are, energy. 

The sun that warms you is energy, the wind that chills you is energy, the grass you walk on is all made up of energy. So when you think of spirituality, you may think of many things, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Yahweh or the Great Spirit. Look past the name of the ideal and what do you have. Energy. Jesus knew that life was energy, and that our actions and thoughts affect that energy. Buddha called it enlightenment when a person becomes harmonious with the world around them and “matches” the frequency. Even Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.”

We sometimes look in awe at those who are close to mastering that energy, Shaolin Monks for example. They perform extraordinary acts of strength and mastery of their own bodies. Are they superhuman? Nope, they have learned how to channel their energy and focus it on a specific task. Chi masters have been known to start fires by focusing their minds and their energy on a specific task. These people have disciplined their minds and found a balance in their spirituality by matching the frequency of the world around them. They understand that spirituality is knowing that the person is a singular ball of energy in the infinitesimal energy of the universe. They understand that it’s not about themselves, it’s about the whole.

I’m a spiritual person, however I am also a dualist. I believe that God is the creator of all, and that when the body dies, the essence, soul/spirit lives on around us. The energy bundle has changed, but not the essence. To be a spiritual person means that you need to have faith. And yes, you can have faith without believing in God. You have faith in spirit of all that is around you. That you are actively working to find the frequency of the planet to be a better more compassionate person to all living things. Namaste is a good example, in yoga they say Namaste, or my energy bows to your energy. If you’d like to move in that direction I suggest Qigong. It’s a form of physical meditation. I attend church and practice Qigong. You can do both. For more of a visual reference go to © YouTube and in the search bar type Chi. You will find plenty of references to spirituality and energy.


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Living Your Truth

We’ve all heard this somewhere.            

We’ve all read this somewhere.           

What does it mean to live your truth?            

Living your truth is about loving and empowering yourself to be intrinsically who you are. It doesn’t matter what community you are a part of or who you identify with. It’s about being human. Many of us get caught in our religious beliefs. The failure of religion is our human interpretation. We receive the information and react to it based on the rose colored lenses of our lives. The information is filtered through our own hurts, grief, pain heartache and biases we’ve learned. I’ve heard this before, “Love the sinner hate the sin.” This is an excuse to be judgmental. Love is love. Love makes no demands of us. Love expects nothing from us. It just is. It’s the natural language of the heart.            

Living your truth means loving yourself enough to break the chains society has placed you in. All of the lies we’ve heard and told to ourselves. It’s not easy, and takes a lot of courage for people to live their truth. Just because you may not understand, or you fear what you see does not mean that they are wrong, that they are weirdos or freaks. They are human just like you. They are capable of the same love, hurt, and pains and fear that you are.           

I see so many people shielding themselves against judgment that they face from others. They hang their heads and scurry by, doing their best not to make eye contact. It hurts me deeply that they live in such fear. We cannot expect the world to be loving toward us if we are not loving toward others. Everything…everything we put out into the world in our thoughts and actions comes back to us. We have only this life, encourage others to live their truth, the world is much better and richer for it.           

Part of living your truth is loving yourself. So many of us think that we love ourselves through our quest for material goods, living your truth is very much the opposite. Loving yourself is looking at yourself, seeing every good and bad within you and embracing it with love and acceptance. I always encourage people to ask themselves, why this person or situation is so fearful or uncomfortable for them. Most of the time we are uncomfortable because there is something inside us that we do not want to accept or face. That’s okay, because we are all in different places of growth. But grow. Never stop, face those fears and love yourself. Truly love yourself.

Our differences are our virtues and our love is our faith. Push your ego aside and see the world through the love in your heart. See past the physical attributes of each person and see the human, the soul, the good in each of us. We were born to love, we learn to hate.           
– Soren Thoreau